My Wife and I Are Trying Out the 5 X 5 Method of Weight Lifting

by Damon on July 11, 2012

I first started lifting weights when I was 15 years old. My uncle who was fresh out of the Navy invited me to start going with him to a gym two blocks from my house. I thought this was the coolest thing ever so of course I went. I learned all kinds of things from my uncle and the otherMy Home Gym older guys at the gym. The first of which was how the workouts should be structured for example lift for chest and back one day, legs the next day, arms the next and so on. Then they taught me to do 3 sets of 10 reps on every exercise I was doing and typically we would do like four exercises for each body part. With all these reps and different exercises we were spending a minimum of two hours a day five days a week in the gym. At the time I didn’t think twice about our workout schedule because all I had to worry about was school and being home when my mom told me to be home. And the way she looked at it was if I was at the gym working out I wasn’t out somewhere else getting in to trouble. I also didn’t question the way they were showing me how to lift I mean they had been doing it for years. All I new was I loved lifting and was hooked from day one. But flash forward to today and a lot of things have changed. I now have two kids, a wife, a job, my wife’s small business I help with (Mr. Fix-it and grass mower) and a bazillion other things that make it so that I no longer have two hours a day to spend working out besides that I didn’t want to workout that long anymore but I did want to be healthy and in shape. So a few years ago I decided that there had to be another way to get in shape that wouldn’t take as much time but that still got the job done.

Finding a Better Workout Routine

All of this thinking of shorter workouts coincided with the first time I saw the infomercials for P90X and after thinking about it long and hard, one day I finally broke down and ordered it. I immediately started the program as soon as it arrived and thought it was hard but I loved it. I wasn’t crazy about it being an hour six days a week but at least it wasn’t two hours. All was going good with the program I really starting to make some progress and was about two months in when one day while doing one of the workouts I noticed a pain in my left elbow. Within a week the pain was so bad I couldn’t lift any weight at all with that arm, this put an end to my working out except for some running. I decided that I would rest it for a while which being the stubborn ass I am ended up being like a year. When I finally went to the doctor I found out that my ulnar nerve had become detached from the spot it should normally be, the funny bone. Like most things involving the funny bone I didn’t find this funny. A month later I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery and it would be a year later before I even considered lifting weights or working out. Finally I decided to get off my butt and get back in shape and get my arm back to normal. During this time I was doing a lot of reading online about different workouts and stumbled across and the 5 X 5 Method.

So What Is The 5 X 5 Method and Why Do I Want to Do It?

The 5 X 5 is a very basic but effective method for weight lifting. There are two separate workouts we’ll call them A and B. Each workout has three full body exercises that you perform five sets of five repetitions (reps) on. You rotate each workout every other session and only do three workouts a week. So one week you do workout A twice and workout B once then the next week vise versa. And one last thing every workout you add five pounds to each exercise. This is completely different than the popular 3 X 10 method that my uncle showed me all those years ago and has three main advantages. For one it only takes about 30 minutes to do the workouts and yes they are tough. Once you build up to heavier weights you will be sweating your but off by the end of that half hour. The second advantage is after the first few weeks you really don’t get sore and the third advantage is you get really strong and in awesome shape in no time. (see link below for more details.)

What Exercises Do You Do In The 5 X 5?

There are a total of five exercises that you will perform split between the two workouts. The excises are squat, bench, rows, overhead press and dead lift and here is what the workouts look like.

Workout A

 Squats 5 X 5

Bench Press 5 X 5

Rows 5 X 5

 Workout B

Squats 5 X 5

Overhead Press 5 X 5

Dead Lift 5 X 5

I know this all sounds a little too simple to be true but I have been doing this for only a few weeks and I’m seeing great results. And my wife just started doing it just this week and loves it. And yes these workouts are for men and women. And no if you’re a woman you’re not going to look like a body builder. Just know everything you have ever heard about women getting all bulky from lifting weights just isn’t true. Now if you go out and start taking steroids, hire a trainer and start lifting four hours a day everyday you’re probably going to look like a man but other than that you will just get hot, sexy and hard as a rock. Don’t believe me? Read this (

There Is One Disadvantage To The 5 X 5

And that is unless you own a lot of free weights you will have to go to the gym to workout. But hey you might be someone that prefers this to help keep you motivated and have someone there to spot.

Now if this all sounds great and you want to know more about it you really need to visit There you will find all the down and dirty details about the 5 x 5 method. It really is very interesting. The guy that runs the site will email you an e-book with everything you will need to know. I definitely recommend it.

In a few months I will be posting my before and after pictures so that I can show people how great this method really is. Well this post is long enough and I need some sleep. Have you started any new workouts or want to brag on yourself for some fitness goal you have met, then let’s here it. Do what you can to help motivate the next guy or gal.

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