The Importance of Weighing Your Food

by Damon on July 9, 2012

Flash back a little less than eight months ago and I would have said only professional athletes and crazy people weigh their food but here I am today weighing almost everything I eat. And even though it has only been a few short weeks since I began I can tell you that it makes a huge difference in the way you eat and think about your food. My change of heart towards weighing my food came about for two reasons. The first andPlate of Food on Scale most inspiring reason was because of my wife who began weighting her food after visiting a local weight loss center just shy of eight months ago. In which time she has lost almost 40 lbs. I simply can not put into words how proud I am of her and she looks absolutely amazing. And do you want to know what the super top secret method she used to lose this weight is? Of course you do but first I’m going to tell you all the things that she didn’t do. First she didn’t have any surgeries, no gastric bypass, no intestinal bypass and no Lap Band surgery. She didn’t take any “diet” pills that would up her metabolism so she would dump pound after pound only to gain them back when the pills ran out. She also didn’t use any cleansing/detox diets, starve herself or use any other crazy weight loss scams. And that whole time she also barely even worked out maybe a few times a month max. But you know what she did do? Are you ready here it is…. she completely changed the types and amount of food that went into her mouth. That is it.

The second reason I started weighing out my food was so I could figure out how many grams of protein and carbs I was consuming daily. See if you know me at all or have seen my picture (look to the right of this page) you know I really don’t need to lose weight. I am what I like to call a skinny fat guy (at this point my wife is somewhere rolling her eyes at me) and I just am not comfortable with my shirt off any more and I hate it. So I needed to find out how many carbs I was eating so I could get that number down. And how many grams of protein I was eating so I could make sure I was getting enough to increase my muscle mass from my new weight training regimen.

It’s Not as Easy as it Sounds

Now it’s easy for me to sit here and make it sound like it was easy for my wife to eat good all the time but it wasn’t and it’s not for me either but the idea behind it couldn’t be any simpler. Just follow these five rules: eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, get plenty of good protein (meats, fish, eggs, nuts), lots of good fat (olive oil, nuts, fish), drink plenty of water and stay away from everything else. That’s it! If you can do this then you will lose weight. And the funny thing is if you stick to these five simple rules you could even eat just about as much as you want at every meal and still lose. The main reason for this is you are not consuming very many carbs (carbohydrates)and if you can keep your carbs at a minimum your body will start using stored body fat as fuel. And in our modern world just about everything you buy in a box, bag or bottle is loaded with carbs. So every time you eat these things you over load your body with carbs which unless you do TONS of exercise will turn to fat on your beautiful body.

So Where Does the Scale Fit in?

Now if you’re not really worried about how long it will take to lose those extra pounds you’ve packed on over the years. Then you really don’t need to worry about the scale, as long as you follow the five rules from above you will more than likely lose most of what you want. On the other hand, if you would like to drop each and every one of those extra pounds you have as fast as possible then you need to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. This time I’m not talking about types of food I’m talking about amounts of food. And only by weighting your food will you know exactly how much you are eating. This might not sound like such a big deal when you are eating healthy foods but it is. By weighing your food you can learn so much valuable information that if used correctly can ultimately help you get the body you’ve always wanted. Some of the things you can learn by weighing are:

  • How many calories you are putting in your body everyday.
  • How many carbs you are consuming.
  • How much protein you are consuming.
  • How much fat you are consuming.
  • How much sugar you are consuming.
  • How much food it takes to make you full.(Full not bloated, there is a difference)
  • And any other question you might have about the amounts of things you are feeding yourself.

If you are like I was a eight months ago then you are probably thinking will I really use this information and the answer is, yes, if you truly want to lose weight and/or get ripped.

 What Type of Scale Should I Buy and Where Can I Get it?

So have I’ve talked you into weighing your food yet? If so you probably want to know what type of scale to get, where you can get it and how much they are. Well, the one we bought was digital which I highly recommend and we got it at Walmart for like $20. But you can get them just about any where. For example here is the exact same scale I own available from Amazon (affiliate link), inexpensive and easy to useGSI Super Quality Electronic Digital Portable Fashionable Kitchen Scale. Your scale doesn’t need to be expensive to be good but there are some features that you should look for. First look for a scale that has I high weight limit, around ten pounds should work fine. This way you can sit heavy bowls and plates on it when measuring your meals and not have to worry about maxing it out. Second, try to get one that has grams, kilograms, and ounces which most do. This way you can measure out just about anything you could possibly want. For example this is particularly helpful when figuring serving sizes because some food labels label are in grams and other are in ounces.

So that about covers the benefits of weighing your food. I hope it has been somewhat educational and inspirational enough to at least get you to try it for a while. I think once you do it for a week or so you will be hooked.

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